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Campervan holidays are wonderful things to experience, be it with your family or friends. Being avid travelers ourselves we are always keen to help you out and give advice. We found these sites very helpful in making the most out of our road-trips.

10 best places to see in California

If you are on a tour to United States, then the one state where you would spend most of your vacation days is none other than California. Whether you are a student, a working professional or have retired from professional life, travel in California is undoubtedly the most preferred trip in the whole of USA. Of the numerous exotic beautiful tourist spots, I am going to make an attempt to pick the 10 best spots in the state. The list below is picked for an average professional whose interests are like that of a common man. If you are pursuing any special hobby or interest, then the list below may not apply to you in entirety.
  1. San Francisco is a major tourist spot no matter what your age. The city has one of the most unique landscapes in the entire world. The city streets are not flat like a normal road. They are high slopes; driving on these streets could be quite a challenge. The most uneven street, probably in the universe, lies in the city. Apart from this the 130 year old cable car ride, the former island prison Alcatraz and above all the world famous Golden Gate Bridge are a must-see for any tourist. But if you travel from San Francisco to these other great places you'll have a lot more excitement on your travel.
  2. Los Angeles is a major commercial city of the state. If you like meeting people of different cultures, try out diverse culinary or anything similar, spend time in this big city on the west coast. The city is a shopper’s paradise and has one of the richest nightlife in the US.
  3. Disneyland & Universal Studios If you are with kids or you yourself like amusement parks, Disneyland and Universal Studios are the best locations in the state. In near vicinity to downtown LA (both are in near opposite directions from downtown), each of these parks will take at least one day each. At the Universal Studios, take a peek at the large studios where some of the most popular Hollywood films are shot. Who knows, you may see a big star outside one of the many sets in the studios.
  4. Napa County also referred as Napa Valley has one of the finest wineries in North America. It is about 80 kilometer from San Francisco. Many of the 250 wineries offer wine tasting tours. This is a must spot for all you wine lovers.
  5. Santa Monica If you are looking for a walk on a palm lined beach in California, don’t miss Santa Monica. About 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica has the finest beaches of California. If you are lucky, you may catch a yester year Hollywood star walking alongside you on the beach.
  6. Sacramento If you are into art galleries and museums, the capital of California, Sacramento is a must visit destination. It has more than 30 museums and art galleries. So if you travel Sacramento CA, you can get glimpse of the glorious past of California here.
  7. Palm Springs If you opt to relax in a resort, swim in a pool or play golf, then drop anchor at Palm Springs. Go horse riding, hiking, watch polo, visit art galleries while you are in Palm Springs. The location is well connected by road and also has its own international airport.
  8. San Diego has great amusement parks and one of the biggest zoos in USA - and there are some great theme park discounts out there. About 4 hours road ride from Los Angeles, takes you to one of the finest beaches offering great views of the Pacific Ocean. Areas like Old Town in San Diego were the big commercial hubs of the nineteenth century. Note that there are so many more great options for San Diego California vacations that definitely do not fit into this article's limits. 
  9. Hollywood The undisputed capital of glamour and the unofficial headquarters of filmdom, Hollywood should be mandatory stop on your travel itinerary. The Chinese Grumann theatre, the walk of fame on Hollywood Boulevard, the nightlife around the boulevard should not be missed at any cost. Hollywood transports you to the land of entertainment.
  10. Lake Tahoe Located at a height of 6000 feet above sea level, Lake Tahoe is one of the most picturesque spot in this part of the world. Free from the urban pollution, you can see blue clear skies as you roam around the periphery of the huge lake. Lake cruises are also available. If you like nature, keep aside at least 2 days for this location.

One great site to check out for more info is the California Travel & Tourism Commission at

The state-of-the-art, self-contained RVs and RVs we rent provide clean, private restroom facilities and convenient kitchen space. Those handy features, though, create the need to empty your RVs waste water tanks from time to time.

If you’ve spent many hours in an RV, you know it’s essential to learn the locations of RV dump stations along your route. That’s why we provide this link to a handy RV dump station locator. While we don’t control the information provided there, and so can’t guarantee it, we do know that it’s been extremely helpful to our customers. Not only does provide an online directory, by state, of dump stations, it also gives RVrs great tips on dump station courtesy, proper handling of waste water and a step-by-step guide to emptying your grey and black wastewater tanks.

If you’re completely new to RV travel, let us give you our top five facts about RV waste water:

  • The grey tank holds “soapy water”, from your kitchen sink and lavatory
  • The black tank holds “waste water” from your RV toilet.
  • If you empty your grey tank after your black tank, it helps rinse the solid waste from your drain lines.
  • Wearing rubber gloves is highly recommended when handling wastewater equipment!
  • Water storage tanks must be emptied and flushed prior to returning your RV rental unit, or you may be charged.

Since we strive at CamperRentalsUSA to encourage RV etiquette, we urge all our motorhome rental clients to practice the golden rule. Nothing is worse than driving up to a filthy dump station with your wastewater tanks at capacity! Cleaning up spills, spraying down the area and following the rules for what’s allowed in the holding tanks makes life easier for everyone. It’s an unfortunate fact that messy campers can cause dump station operators to close down. Let’s help keep dump stations free, safe and open by practicing common courtesy while we’re there! We’ve provided a couple of resources for you to find RV dump sites.

Be sure to visit one of these sites for a location at which to empty your tanks.


It can make all the difference in ensuring a pleasant journey. Whether returning your unit at the end of an RV rental, or simply needing to empty your tanks, we know you’ll find this handy directory helpful.