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500 Mile Package
(choose how many miles you will travel)
$ 161.25

Purchase as many miles as you intend to drive in packages of 500 miles. Please choose more than you will drive. If at the end of your rental you have driven more than the included miles, you will be charged $0.35 per each additional mile driven. Trailer rentals include mileage so choose this option for camper rentals only. 

Example: You intend to go 700 miles, purchase 2 packages of 500 miles for 1000 miles. There is no refund on miles.

Cleaning Option 1
$ 125
Prepaid Cleaning Option: The renter may choose the Prepaid Cleaning Option prior to departure. This service includes the dumping and sanitizing of the black and grey holding tanks, exterior and interior cleaning of the RV.
Cleaning Option 2
$ 35
Pre-Paid Waste Evacuation: You clean the RV inside & out and we dump the tanks.
Cleaning Option 3
$ 0
Renter Returns the Vehicle Clean: You clean the vehicle inside and out and dump the waste tanks (vehicle returns in the same condition it was in at pick-up)
Early Bird Special
$ 45
The rental will be made ready for pickup between 10 and 12 am, when available.
GPS Navigation System
$ 75
Portable Generator
$ 165
Free Use!
On-board Generator
$ 3
Most vehicles are equipped with on-board 120 volt AC generators. You get 1 free hour a day, anything on top of that is $3/hr.
Pet Fee
$ 100
If you want to take a pet(s) along in the motor home that is fine, we will charge a one time fee to cover extra service charges.
Kitchen Supply Kit
$ 85
Place settings for 4 people, pots, pans, dishes, plastic cups, measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, cutlery, storage containers, spatula, can opener, bottle opener, coffee pot, toaster, dish towel and more.
Convenience Kit
(inc. for long-term rentals)
$ 0
Iron, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, TV.
Personal Kits
$ 65
Bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, sheets (2), pillow, pillow case, and blanket. ($65 per person)
First Aid Kit
$ 0
Included: A first aid kit is standard in all rentals. If the seal is broken or the kit is not returned a $ 50 fee is charged
$ 0
Included: We have televisions available with VCRs and/or DVD players. If you have a preference, don't hesitate to let us know.
$ 25
Includes; Crib, Blanket and sheet set. Charged per week.
Picnic Set
$ 55
4 Camping chairs, table cloth, BBQ
Starter Kit (manditory)
$ 45
It includes cleaning and refilling of all toilet chemicals, all toilet tissue, hoses, connector

Different Drop-Off
$ 350

Choose this option if you want to drop off you camper or trailer at a different location than your original pickup. (This is a mandatory charge if you chose a different location for the drop-off)
Bike Rack
$ 45
Add a bike rack for your camping adventure.



If you wish to unlock the hitch on the back of the unit. Can only tow up to 5,000lbs.



Insurance is NOT included in the rental price. Try to get your insurance company to cover you first, if they won't we will have to put you under ours. Insurance is $12.95/day and is automatically made the amount of days that you picked. There is no refund for this.